Chapter Leadership

Our Chapter's 2018 Leadership

Teresa James - President   Teresakorenjames@gmail.com 

Lathika Mohanraj - President-Elect  Mohanrajl@vcu.edu

Brianne Cohen - Co Secretary   Brianne.Cohen@vcuhealth.org

Christina Wilson - Co Secretary  Wilsoncm6@vcu.edu

Cathy Anderson - Treasurer   Cathybanderson@aim.com

Mary Mateer - Membership/Web   Mary_Mateer@BSHSI.org 

Natalie Evans - Membership/Web  Evans.natalie891@gmail.com

Lea Ann Morretti - Programs Chair   Oncrnandmom@verizon.net

Pam Roeke Historian   Pam.roepke@hcahealthcare.com

Nicole Ingram - Historian  Nicole.Ingram06@gmail.com

Greg McKenzie  - Nominating Committee  Gregmck62@gmail.com

Carli Viola - Nominating Committee  Carli.Viola@gmail.com

 Barb Peek - Professional Development  BaPeek59@gmail.com

 Joan Ray - Professional Development   Joan.ray@hcahealthcare.com


ONS RVA Buidling Future Leaders Program

Margaret Sabo - Mentored by Carli Viola   sabomr@vcu.edu

Jessica Holmes - Mentored by Brianne Cohen   Holmesjl4@vcu.edu

Karen Pak - Mentored by Lea Ann Moretti   Pakkj@vcu.edu

Amber Burruss - Mentored by Cathy Anderson   Burrussar@vcu.edu

Yancy Hernadez - Mentored by Greg McKenzie   Yla21@email.vccs.edu







The Richmond Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society (RONS) is an organization committed to the advancement of oncology nursing practice through education, communication and research. Its mission is to promote excellence in oncology nursing and to provide quality cancer care.

The purpose of the organization is:
  • To promote quality in oncology nursing practice through education, communication and research.
  • To enable oncology nurses to survive in the current changing health care environment.
  • To encourage a proactive stance with respect to professional issues.
  • To promote networking among oncology nurses served by RONS.

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